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UTMB develops new online tool for nurses

... learning evidence-based practice SkillsAs tremendous advances are made in medicine practitioners have new tools but they also have more information to absorb and incorporate ... More Skills in UTMB develops new online tool for nurses article


Licensed practical Nurse job requirements / LPN

... care and policies and procedures; knowledge of medical terminology; be able to use basic medical equipment; effective oral & written communication Skills; ability to establish successful interpersonal relationships with patients and co-workers; good organizational Skills; good computer Skills. Physical ... More Skills in Licensed practical Nurse job requirements / LPN article


LPN certification

... state, community and private colleges. How much it costs? Most of LPN programs will cost you from $5000 up to $20000. All depends on state and you personal Skills. Pay attention to detailed price description as sometimes this does not include certification itself. Fo example, price can include - DPS Criminal Background ... More Skills in LPN certification article


LPN continued education

... What is continued education (CE)? In order to mainatain and develop Skills speciaists of many professions (including LPN) continue their education after achieving degree (or license). This can be done by taking various additional ... More Skills in LPN continued education article


Who are LPNs clients? Licensed Practical Nurse certification and information

... postoperative patient is discharged from still requires professional care. For example, patient may need to regain muscle strenght or even restore some basic Skills - such as walking, running, maintaining balance. As in hospital setting there are lots of different patients in rehabilitation setting for LPN to work with. ... More Skills in Who are LPNs clients? Licensed Practical Nurse certification and information article


... play activity is best suited to the gross motor Skills of the ... More Skills in article


Registered Nurse

... and expanded set of duties. RNs are more much more often seen in hospitals, in contrast with LPNs more suited for long-term care. This is not just due to Skills difference, but also because in long-term LPN has more opportunities to grow. Another thing - there is growing demand for both LPN and RN, but still ... More Skills in Registered Nurse article


Pharmacy Technician job requirements

... high school diploma or GED.Good basic math.Ability to read, understand and transcribe pharmaceutical informationGood verbal and written communication Skills (english).Keyboarding Skills.Work experience or academic training in a technical program.Working knowledge of current drug forms, dosage strengths, and generic ... More Skills in Pharmacy Technician job requirements article


Passing Pharmacy Technician job interview

... Why do you want this job? An answer can be "Because this job allows me to help people. I always wanted to work in medical field and I have required Skills". What will you do if customer is verbally aggressive? - "Listen and Let the Customer Vent. I will try to ignore his aggressive behaviour and try to help him ... More Skills in Passing Pharmacy Technician job interview article


Annual salaries for Pharmacy Technician

... Technician as of Oct 20, 2014  is $28000 per year. Hour rate is from $8.49 to $16.82 per hour. Giving us a annual salary from $17,822 to $37,143. The Skills that increase pay for this job the most are Long Term Care, Systems Computer/Console Operations, and Inventory Management. Most of Pharmacy Technician become ... More Skills in Annual salaries for Pharmacy Technician article