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Licensed Practical Nurse as entry level job

Licensed Practical Nurse is also known as LPN. LPN is a person who works in nursing facilities, hospitals, community health centers and even patients’ homes. Everyday duties include administring medications, chart on patients, monitoring vital signs, admit patients onto the unit, contribute to their care plans, document on nursing interventions and outcomes. Everything they do they dounder the supervision of a registered nurse. A lot of LPNs work with the elderly, including some home care. Basicly LPN performs a variety of tasks.

If we speak of patients, main groups are eldery, postopeartives, very sick people. Most of them require long-term care.

Rough average salary of Licensed Practical Nurse as of July 2014 is $42,927/year. This very differs from location and experience, but even if you are quite a beginner you can expect to get about $35,000 (less then 10% of LPNs get that small salary). And the top LPN get more then $50,000 a year.

Another good thing about this job is there is growing demand for Licensed Practical Nurses. So it's unlikely that you will have hard times finding a job.

Personal qualities required for LPN job are physical strength, flexibility, endurance and empathy. Some Problem-solving skills are important too as everyday job will challenge you sometimes.

In order to become Licensed Practical Nurse you must qualify for LPN license. High school diploma or GED is required in order to apply for LPN programm. Programm itself takes about 12-month of study. And there is an examination at the end of the course.

If you are interested in applying for LPN programm - check LPN courses list.

LPN online practice test - NCLEX-PN (FREE)
Every attempt to pass NCLEX-PN will cost you money. Save some buy trying your skill for free. Read more about free NCLEX-PN exam.

Who are LPNs clients?
Very ill people, postoperatives, eldery, students and every patient in hospital - learn more about LPNs clients.

Passing job interview
Having an interview for Licensed Practical Nurse position soon? Well prepared? Check our interview guide.

LPN continued education

LPN certification

Annual salaries for LPN
Normally LPN gets from $28,834 to $50,441 per year. View LPN salaries by state.

LPN Courses List
State colleges, community colleges and other colleges offering LPN program. View list of LPN programs.

The daily duties of Licensed Practical Nurse
Safe and healthy environment, health records, cooperation with other facility personal and many other duties of LPN.

LPN job requirements
Licensed Practical Nurse License, knowledge of medical terminology, effective oral & written communication skills. Learn more about LPN job reuirements.