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Pharmacy Technician as entry level job

Could you say that you are a conscientious and responsible employee and you are the proud owner of good memory skills? If answer is “yes”, the pharmacy technician will be a suitable position for you.

Setting and schedule.

As you know, a drugstore is a principal workplace of this kind of specialists. Today pharmacies are almost everywhere. They are even in a big food stores. A number of drugstores means a large number of available jobs for young professionals. Apart from everyday experience, the statistics speak about the steady growth of the deficit of pharmacy technicians.
It is also important to note that an unusual work schedule is a distinctive feature of this medical job. The fact is that a lot of pharmacies are open twenty-four hours, without any free days. Therefore, on the one hand, you should be ready to work when most of the people rest. On the other hand, there is a possibility to arrange your time more effectively. For example, you can continue education at the daytime and work at the night. It depends on your energy. Because of such features of schedule and complexity of this work, it is well paid.

This entry level medical job requires the presence of good memory skills because of its particularity.

Profession description.

A medical worker on this post takes part in the acceptance of medications and other goods. It is an important mission to distribute various drugs to right storage sites and to remember this information. A pharmacy technician should develop his memory skills as he has to learn the whole assortment and he should be able to understand all peculiarities connected with each medication. Really, the principle function of this kind of specialists is to assist a pharmacist in dispensing medications which were prescribed by a doctor. Though, a pharmacy technician acts under the direction of a pharmacist most time, this fact does not reduce the extent of liability of this position. Besides primary functions, a pharmacy technician performs various number of operations depending on the consumer demand. Even personally preparation of a medicine for any disease is among them. The pharmacist of course controls the doses of the components but an intense workload requires a high degree of concentration from a pharmacy technician too. An important part of such medical specialists’ duties is careful and attentive record-keeping. We also can’t miss that pharmacy technician should have an excellent communication skills.

As a result, this interesting profession combines functions of the service sector, medicine and elements of paper work. Therefore, this type of activity will satisfy a professional preferences of any social group member. Good luck!

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