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Registered Nurse

RN or Registered Nurse is a degree you get after compliting programm in college or university. This usually takes 3 years of study. And you need to pass NCLEX-RN examination too. It sounds very similar to LPN, but there are quite a difference. RN has much more knowledge and expanded set of duties. RNs are more much more often seen in hospitals, in contrast with LPNs more suited for long-term care. This is not just due to skills difference, but also because in long-term LPN has more opportunities to grow.

Another thing - there is growing demand for both LPN and RN, but still demand for RNs is growing faster as their extended skills are really needed.

In terms of money - average RN`s salary in 2014 august is about $66,000. Which is quite a bit more then LPN`s.

NCLEX-RN online practice test
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