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Licensed practical Nurse job requirements / LPN

There are lots of job requirements for Licensed Practical Nurse. We have listed most common ones. But be aware that each facility is most likely to add some specific requirements like specific licenses, specific experience, shifting etc.

Basic requirements:

  • Proof of eligibility to work in the United States (graduate from an accredited school of practical nursing, current Licensed Practical Nurse License valid in your state);
  • current Continuing Education if required by state;
  • thorough knowledge of the principles of licensed practical nursing;
  • compliance with nursing care and policies and procedures;
  • knowledge of medical terminology;
  • be able to use basic medical equipment;
  • effective oral & written communication skills;
  • ability to establish successful interpersonal relationships with patients and co-workers;
  • good organizational skills;
  • good computer skills.

Physical Requirements:

  • be able to frequently lift and reposition patients;
  • be ready for repeated or prolonged standing, bending, kneeling, twisting and occasional climbing of stairs;
  • posses sufficient strength and agility to handle patients and equipment without assistance;
  • posses acute sense of sight and hearing (corrected or uncorrected) and strong sense of touch, smell and taste;
  • be able to appropriately respond physically and psychologically to emergency situations in different settings;
  • be able to function in a wide variety of environments.

In School setting:

  • excellent clinical skills and the ability to work with school-age children;
  • traveling between schools during the school day may be required.

Sometimes is required: 

  • At least one year of Nursing Experience;