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Passing Licensed Practical Nurse job interview

Some question you should be prepared to answer on job interview.


Don't forget to start interview with (or properly respond to) so called "small talk". This refers to one or to completely irrelevant questions. Like "Isn’t it a nice weather today?" or "Was it hard to find our facility?". These questions are just a matter of being polity and heating up the actual conversation.

Overal question to test your personality:

Below is a list of possible questions and answers. Green answers are "good"red answers are "bad".

Why do you want this job?

  • CNA is about helping people. I like this.
  • This is a well paid job.
  • I just need some job.

What is your job experience?

  • I have worked as CNA for more than a year.
  • I have worked as CNA for more than 3 years.
  • I have no job experience.

How do you manage stress in your daily work?

  • Physical activities like yoga or walking helps me.
  • Stress? I'm never stressed.

How do you manage stress in your daily work?

  • You just need to know your limits. I know mine.
  • I just try to avoid job as much as I can.

Why do you want to work for our company?

  • You company really cares about patients. I want to be part of this.
  • Salary is high comparing to over companies.

What are your future goals for next 3 years?

  • I'm planing to become RN in 3 years. And until then I hope to work as LPN in your company.
  • I don't have any plan yet.

We have 20 applicants for this vacancy - why should we choose you?

  • I have required education and passion for this work.
  • I don't know - it is your job to choose one of us.

Have you ever used prohibited drugs?

  • No.
  • Yes, but only once or twice in college.

Many question does not have a "correct" answer, but they allow to create you psychological portrait. So some answers can improve your chances of getting job and some can decrease it dramatically. So if there is something that does not perfectly fits into Licensed Practical Nurse profession - you should check if any of those questions can provoke you.