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The daily duties of Licensed Practical Nurse / LPN

Daily duties of Licensed Practical Nurse varies from setting to setting. In general LPN will work under supervision of a Registered Nurse (RN) and will have those duties in all settings:

  • maintain safe and healthy environment in facility for all patients;
  • maintain health records;
  • record progress and maintenance of care to assigned patients;
  • work in cooperation with other facility personal;
  • perform other duties assigned by RN.

In addition to this,

in Hospital setting:

  • record observation of patients and their responses to nursing care;
  • administer and record medications and treatments;
  • prepare patients for diagnostic tests/procedures;
  • assist with diagnostic tests/procedures;
  • observe and report vital signs and symptoms of assigned patients;
  • recognize emergency situations and function effectively;

In Nursing Home setting:

  • direct and indirect provision of care according to each resident’s nursing and medical plan of care;
  • coordinate care delivery with physicians and physician extenders;
  • provide residents and families with the greatest respect and dignity in an effort to enhance the quality of their lives;

In School setting:

  • provide direct health services to students according to their plans;
  • provide appropriate care to medically fragile students to and from school and throughout the school day;
  • attending the student’s Health Plan development meetings;
  • administering basic and minor first aid as needed.