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Everyday duties of Pharmacy Technician

Everyday job duties of Pharmacy Technician includes:

  • Filling and preparing unit dose orders for inpatient and outpatient prescriptions.
  • Replenishing medication storage devices.
  • Processing prescriptions/medication orders.
  • Maintaining inventory and stock in pharmacy, on wards, and in automated medication cabinets.
  • Removing drugs from stock.
  • Counts, pours and mixes pharmaceuticals.
  • Utilizing pharmacy calculations and properly compounding medications. Compounding refers to the mixing of two or more drugs according to a doctor's prescription instructions.
  • Checking medications and supplies for expiration dates.
  • Placing products in container and affixing labels onto containers.
  • Performs packaging and repackaging tasks.
  • Medication distribution tasks.
  • Managing drug inventories;
  • Delivery of medications;
  • Prepares medication;
  • Performing essential functions in the Inpatient dispensing areas;
  • Maintaining automated equipment;
  • Maintaining and refilling crash carts;
  • Maintaining pharmacy records;
  • Communicating with other staff;
  • Helping health care providers and patients by greeting them in person and by phone;
  • Answering questions and requests; referring inquiries to the pharmacist.

Those duties cover wide range of Pharmacy Technician jobs. Meaning most of the time your job will require you to handle just some of mentioned above tasks. But some jobs will include the whole list.

Job setting has most important influence on Pharmacy Technician everyday duties. There are two main settings - Retail and Hospital.

In Retail Pharmacy Technician accurately and efficiently prepares prescription orders. Verifies prescription information. Enters order information into the pharmacy system. Processing insurance claims.

In Hospital setting Pharmacy Technician`s job is to hel fill orders for patients as weel as to ensure that they are delivered to the right units. They also help the pharmacist to control stock so the pharmacy has enough amount of stock.