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Most important and interesting medical news in August and September 2014

Tuesday 07, October 2014

Some interesting things from past months you probably missed.

Quite an interesting article poped up in the middle of an August. Retaining emergency nurses: they are not like the rest of us - I provide a link cause I don't want to cite it all, but it's worth reading.

Next thing was "Health workers using antibacterial soap are exposed to high triclosan levels". It's all still in research but as always - beeter take care. So if soap without triclosan is availaible - try to use it for your own safety.

"Nurses who are motivated primarily by the desire to help others, rather than by enjoyment of the work itself or the lifestyle it makes possible, are more likely to burn out on the job", University of Akron researchers say. It's cite of a cite. Aticle gives some numbers, e.g. the reasearh covered 700 registered nurses in Northeast Ohio and the overal result is - you should enjoy your lifestale aside from trying to help patients at all costs. And this will increase your chances to help patients as you will be more productive.

"Working in natural light improves performance and alertness" - so don't relay only on electrical light - it's just not enough. Take 5 minutes to enjoy some daylight - it will improve your health and alertness.

September started for me with article "Study shows nurses facing debt and unemployment, U.S.". Dramatic title but article itself was quite positive. Yes - student got debts for their education, but it all mixed with "hiring new nursing grads appears to be improving in all regions of the country, with the south and central portions showing the best rates." So nothing bad happened - they just found out that education costs a lot... But overal increase in demand for nurses is a really good sign.

"Over the course of a year, VitalPAC reduced death rates by 15%". Yes - just using a mobile device with up can save lifes. Ofcourse not just any app - this app monitors vital signes and this way give you a chance to save someone.

And I will finish with "Survey of nurses in England shows longer working hours impact quality of care". It's obvious for me. You should work normal work hours and do your job well. Working more can bring you some extra money.. But definetelly will drop quility and make you feel bad. Don't work too much.