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The overuse of antibiotics in Australian residential aged and other medical news

Tuesday 29, July 2014

Some interesting things from past days you probably missed.

First of todays topics is:

"The overuse of antibiotics in Australian residential aged care facilities requires special attention and guidelines beyond those used in other settings, according to research published in the..."

Probably not the most important thing around, yet gives some idea on what happens in medicine these days. Even thou it's not related to everyone. Check full article.

Another topic poped up that seems interesting to me:

"A study by researchers from Loyola University Health System in Chicago, IL, finds that female triathletes are at risk of pelvic floor disorders and female athlete triad syndrome."

News like this just make me think. May it's same with you - so just check it out. Thinking have been known for it's positive impact on brain for long.

Next topic I found is:

"If past experience is anything to go by, nurse practitioners in New York State are about to get a lot more recognition for their contributions to primary care."

Not like it actually changes much, but I like to be among those who knows pretty much about medicine. And news like this gives some information on the industry.

And the last medicine related topic for today:

"Job satisfaction is an important predictor of registered nurses (RNs) job turnover, patient satisfaction, and nurse-sensitive patient outcomes (including pressure ulcers and falls), which can...". Read more about on original web-site.

And this one looks like most important thing happened around for a day. Medicine isn't like most popular theme for news agencies.

Stay tuned - I'll post some new reviews next week.